We are excited to have been invited to bring the incredible world of 3d printing to the world's first green carnival, Sustainival. We will be in Fort McMurray between August 29 - September 1st to teach carnival goers about the amazing things you can do with 3d printing.


What is Sustainival? Sustainival is an exhilarating platform to showcase really cool clean-techologies and teach people about ecology and energy. This is literally a full carnival midway powered by renewable energy. They have all of the rides, games and food of a regular carnival experience, but they power everything with bio-fuel! 


Your first thought may be that sustainability and 3D printing don't go hand in hand, but we will show this couldn't be farther from the truth. 3D printing allows you to take an idea from your head, and turn that into something real. Pretty crazy right? We have done lots of cool, sustainable prints including model wind turbines, solar cell phone chargers and parts for model wind turbine crafts. All of these were actually printed in PLA plastic which is a bioplastic derived from corn starch. All you need is an idea, some basic digital design skills and 3D printer. If you don't happen to have one or both of these, we can help solve that problem.


We are working on the details for lots of other cool events so we can bring the wonders of 3d printing to you. Keep an eye out for us around Edmonton in the next few months!


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