Halot One Plus


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Halot One Plus

Large LCD Screen Enable Vivid Details
4K mono LCD vividly prints out every detail, making creativity tangible.

Upgraded 172*102*160mm build volume.
Larger Display - A Cradle for Imagination
HALOT-ONE PLUS adopts the 7.9-inch 4K monochrome LCD with a 73% volume increase compared to 6-inch LCD, vividly printing out every detail of big models. 

Z-axis with Dual Linear Rails More Stable Movement
Z-axis with dual linear railways, together with T-shape screw rod assures accurate and steady movement. No printed layer deviation and effectively reducing the layer texture. Even complicated models will be printed perfectly.

High Slicing Software Compatibility Wider Software Choices;
Compatible with HALOT-BOX, Lychee and CHITUBOX, slicing with high efficiency. 


Forming size: 172*102*160mm 7.9 inches
XY axis resolution: 4320*2560(4K)
XY axis accuracy: 0.04mm
Printing speed: 1-4s/layer
Printing layer thickness: 0.01-0.2mm
Touch screen: 5 inch touch screen
Light source configuration: integral light source (wavelength 405nm)

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