For those that are not aware; we have seen a 12-15% increase in exchange rates (due to oil crisis) and 30-50% increases in incoming freight charges. In many cases the shipping has even exceeded the cost of the materials being shipped!
We have tried very hard to hang in but we have had to make the tough decision to modestly increase prices in order to keep bringing in inventory. We expect this to be a temporary measure which should resolve when things return to somewhat normal.
As part of our Covid-19 response, we are offering new shipping options for YEG (EDMONTON) based customers.
In partnership with Edmonton-based Propello (thanks to Grant), we are now offering:
$5 shipping for orders under $50
FREE shipping for orders $50 and over
We are also still offering pick up to local customers, following COVID protocols - ie, curbside pickup and/or social distancing
1-844-U-Reprap  (1-844-873-7727)