Creality CR-10S Pro PRE-ORDER


$799.99 CAD


Help us welcome Creality to the RepRap family by adding to our first EVER order for Creality printers! 2020 is bringing some changes so let’s kick it off right!


The CR-10S Pro is an overall great machine. With features from live z offset and dual z axis screw rods to it's upgraded Capricorn tubing and upgraded motherboard that increases stability, reliability, and reduces noise levels. Creality has put quite some work into the CR-10S Pro and it definitely shows when it comes to the quality of the prints of this machine. This machine provides such accuracy that your prints will come off looking beautiful as ever!

Product Parameters

Printing Size : 300*300*400mm

Nozzle temp: ≤ 250 degrees C

Hotbed temperature: ≤ 100 degrees C

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