Creality Resin 500ml


Color: Blue
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Odorless Photo-polymer Resin for LCD 3D Printing (LCD/UV Curing 405nm)


Odorless 3D Printer Resin: Creality 3D Printer Resin without any offensive odor or flavor, making you feel comfortable and secure when use or touch it.

Rapid Prototyping and Great Stability: Creality 405nm rapid 3D printer resin was developed to reduce the curing time based on its excellent fluidity. Great stability, proper hardness, and strong adhesion ensure a higher print success rate, saving your time and reducing waste.

Bright and Pure Color: Creality LCD UV-curing resin uses only high-quality pigments, promducing a very pure and bright color effect.

Safe Packaging: Leak-proof aluminum bottle fully wrapped with a plastic bubble bag outside and packed with exquisitely designed package box.

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