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DDX PH3 Mosquito Upgrade

Upgrade your Creality hotend and DDX Direct Drive eXtruder with a full genuine Mosquito hotend to PHase 3.

Turn your Creality hotend into an all-metal.

Stop the issues created by the PTFE deformation when using temperatures above 220° C.

Improve the heat dissipation capacity and melt flow.

Use even shorter retractions.

Product Includes:
DDX Thermistor Adapter 3.0 mm
Mosquito Hotend
DDX Adapter For Mosquito
Nozzle not included 🙂
Stock nozzles will not fit this hot block.
You need to upgrade the nozzles to the RepRap standard : M6x1x7.5×12.5

Compatible nozzles
The hot block included in this product is compatible with the RepRap standard of nozzles. Below is a list of compatible versions.
Click each link to open the related product page.

From Bondtech
Standard Brass
Standard Coated Brass
CHT Coated Brass
From Slice Engineering
BridgeMaster (Copper)
Vanadium Steel (for abrasive filaments)
This DDX set is the right configuration to upgrade the stock hotend to PHase 3, with an original Mosquito™ hotend on any Creality using the Bondtech DDX Direct Drive eXtruder.

High Quality Components
Product is supplied with a Bi-metallic structure reinforced Mosquito™ hotend, a PA6 Laser Sintered DDX Adapter for Mosquito™, and a Brass Thermistor Adapter.