Dremel 3D40 Flex


$1,799 CAD

Flexible, Fast, and Consistent

Print Removal Just Got Easier

The 3D40 FLEX makes print removal as easy as emptying an ice tray. No more scraping and prying to remove completed prints. Don’t flex your muscles, FLEX your build plate.

Need For Speed

The 3D40 FLEX is 30% faster than the previous 3D40. Less time waiting for prints to finish means more creating.  We just paved the fast lane in 3D printing.

No Days Off 

The 3D40 FLEX is the most reliable 3D printer in its class. Our 3D printers have been slammed, dropped, and dragged for thousands of hours of testing to ensure longevity and consistent prints.

50 to 300 Micron Prints

Make high quality prints with clean, polished finishes. So smooth, you’ll forget they were 3D printed.

PLAy With Open-Source PLA

Dremel offers the highest quality PLA filament out there, but you’re welcome to use other brands.

Print From The Comforts of Your Couch

With remote printing, easily connect your 3D40 FLEX using Wi-Fi or Ethernet, and print from anywhere in the world.

Relax, You Can Breathe

Not only does it give you reliable prints, you can literally breathe around it. The 3D40 FLEX is UL Certified making it safe to be around.

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