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eSUN 3D Printer Filament: PLA PRO (PLA+)

Extrusion Temperature Range: 205 to 225 Celsius

PLA PRO(PLA+) Advantages:

Superb layer bonding High rigidity. Good glossiness. Several times tougher than PLA Smoother finished printouts. No cracking or brittleness problems. Prints are hard to break.

PLA PRO(PLA+) print temperature is about 20 Celsius higher than regular PLA. Most users print at around 215 to 225 Celsius.

PLA+ has a low shrinkage rate and sticks very well both to bed and layer to layer.

PLA+ is a biological material, extracted and purified from corn grain, eco- friendly, odorless, and harmless to human.

The product is vacuum packed with a manual. It is not hydroscopic and is ok for long-term storage. It absorbs slower and less moisture than standard PLA.


PLA+ Specs

  • Elongation At Break: 29% (compared to only about 5% in regular PLA)
  • Izod Impact Strength: 7KJ/m2 (compared to only about 4.2KJ/m2 in regular PLA)
  • Prints smoother & smoother printed objects
  • Extremely low warp
  • Higher layer adhesion
  • No brittleness issues
  • 1 kg net (approximately 2.2 lbs) Filament with Clear or Black Spool
  • eSUN PLA PRO 3D Printer Filament Vacuumed Sealed With Desiccant. Superb layer bonding. Several times stronger than PLA.
  • 75mm Filament Diameter (Dimensional Accuracy +/- 0.05mm)
  • Recommended Extrusion/Nozzle Temperature 205C - 225C
  • Spool Diameter: 8" - Spool Width: 2.50" - Spool Hub Hole Diameter: 2.05" - Inner Circle Diameter: 3.5"

Storage :

One large resealable bag with slider + an extra desiccant pack are included with every spool. The bag and extra desiccant are a great way to safely store your filament spool when not in use. It keeps your filament bone dry & free from any dust or dirt particles, so it's always ready for your next print.

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