MakerBot MakerCare Protection Plans

Coverage Period

The MakerBot MakerCare Protection Plan gives you peace of mind with the highest level of support from the people who know your MakerBot product best. The plan features phone, email, and live chat technical support available seven days a week, as well as replacement of damaged parts from wear, tear, and accidents.

Why Choose MakerCare?

Fast, accessible support the way you want it!

  • Reach a support expert by phone, live chat, or email seven days a week.
  • Access our easy-to-use online support resources at any time.
  • Receive fast, friendly, personal phone support when you need it.
  • For quick answers to simple questions, chat with our experts online.

Free Replacement parts and repairs

  • For the duration of your plan, MakerBot will cover the replacement of defective parts, or parts damaged as a result of wear, tear, and accidents.
  • We’ll arrange for you to ship your MakerBot product back to the factory for repairs approved by MakerBot Support.
  • We’ll cover the cost of shipping parts to and from MakerBot.