Palette 2

If you are looking for the Palette 2 Pro for optimal cooling and even faster splicing speeds, you can find it here.

Due to the high demand of this product, stock at Mosaic's warehouse has flown out the door and, as a result, our stocking order has been delayed.  Restock is expected in early February, but it is possible that those will also go quickly so we are taking pre-orders to secure our place(s) in the queue.

For this reason we cannot "hold onto one" which we have done for other items in the past (when inventory is plentiful).  Help us out and place your order now to secure your place in line. We are in-turn increasing our inventory order for each pre-order. Orders will be filled in the order they are placed.

 Place in Line Order Number Estimated Delivery
1 3460 February
2 3467 February
3 3472 February
4 3475 February


Make Your Creations Come Alive

The new and improved Mosaic Palette 2 smoothly combines 4 filaments to bring your prints to the next level.


Soluble, flexible, rigid materials

Enrich your designs using soluble support, flexible materials, and rigid materials all in the same part.

Four colors, one nozzle

Harness new levels of communication and aesthetics by printing up to four colors in any given design.

​Plug-and-play setup

Get printing with Palette 2 in less than an hour with its guided setup process and CANVAS's online walkthroughs.

Run-out detection and correction

When one spool runs out, Palette 2 can automatically splice to another spool. Never run out of filament on long prints again.