Palette 2 to Palette 2S Bundle

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Make your prints come alive with Mosaic's Palette 2.  Use up to four colours and/or materials (including soluble supports and flexible) in ONE print and you'll never look at 3D printing the same again.

Buy from Canada's distributor to avoid unexpected fees at the border.  We take care of that for you :)

Don't forget to add the CANVAS Hub for an easier and more reliable Palette 2 experience.

For optimal cooling and even faster splicing speeds, check out the Palette 2 Pro.

Get FREE shipping on orders containing the Palette 2 or Palette 2 Pro if you select e-transfer as your payment method. Use the code ETRANSFER1 at checkout and send money to  Find out why here


Make Your Creations Come Alive

The new and improved Mosaic Palette 2 smoothly combines 4 filaments to bring your prints to the next level.


Soluble, flexible, rigid materials

Enrich your designs using soluble supportflexible materials, and rigid materials all in the same part.

Four colors, one nozzle

Harness new levels of communication and aesthetics by printing up to four colors in any given design.

​Plug-and-play setup

Get printing with Palette 2 in less than an hour with its guided setup process and CANVAS's online walkthroughs.

Run-out detection and correction

When one spool runs out, Palette 2 can automatically splice to another spool. Never run out of filament on long prints again.

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