Carbon Fibre PLA - 1.75 mm - 0.8 kg

Our Carbon Fiber reinforced PLA is made from Carbon Fibers infused into our normal reliable PLA.


  • Standard PLA reinforced with 15% high-modulus carbon fiber.
  • Strong and light weight, ideal for structural designs.
  • Stiff
  • Easy to print like normal PLA
  • Abrasive filament - Wear resistant nozzle (0.4mm or larger) is recommended.
  • High precision quality: Tolerance +/-0.4mm
  • Print Speed 70-80 mm/s
  • Small shrinkage and low water absorption.
  • Excellent ductility and impact resistance, higher strength and rigidity than PLA
  • Every roll comes in a vacuum sealed package with a moisture absorbing desiccant
  • 0.8 kg rolls