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At RepRap Warehouse we strive for quality and performance with all the materials we work with. We also back all our products with confidence and experience which is why we are excited to announce RepRap Warehouse Official PLA. Made in Canada, to our specs and stringent requirements.
We took both all of your recommendations, frustrations, and concerns (and a few of our own) into account as we designed and focused on what customers truly want. From the eco-friendly but strong spool design, to the labels, box, and print specifications, we are so excited to dub this with our brand.

We have tested, pushed, and questioned every aspect of this product so that you the consumer have the best experience possible. As 3D printing nerds ourselves, we want a product not only you will love, but one that we love too. Give it a try today and find your new all time favorite daily driver roll. and... O Canada

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