Capricorn/PTFE Tube Cutter

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Capricorn PTFE Tube Cutter

The Capricorn tubing cutter is a durable accessory to have alongside your 3D printer. The cutter is used to properly cut your Bowden tube before fitting it into the 3D printer. The cutter is sharp, durable and capable of producing a perfectly square cut when applied. 

Built to Last

The Capricorn cutter consists of a stainless steel blade and spring inserted into a plastic housing to protect your hands during its use. The cutter also has a hole at its other end which allows you to hang the cutter up after use. The hard plastic housing of the cutter is truly durable and can withstand hard use. 

Cut PTFE Tubing and Filament with Ease

The Capricorn cutter is capable of fitting up to 6mm diameter of tubing when cutting. It is also sharp enough to cut through filament. But it shouldn’t be used to cut through wire as this would dull the blade. 

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