eSUN Cleaning Filament 1.75mm

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eSUN Cleaning Filament 1.75mm

  • 【Stable Heating & Environmental Cleaning Filament】With slightly viscosity and enable it to take residual material out of nozzle and no jamming in nozzle. Not easy to degradation in the heat.Environmentally Friendly and Non-toxic. Keep your 3D printer nozzle in good health and extend your nozzle's lifespan.
  • 【Prevent Nozzle from Plugging】Using cleaning rods can prevent nozzle plugging or clogging during transition between high and low temperature material.Also fit for cleaning between different material and color changes to meet your different printing needs.
  • 【Wide Cleaning Temperature】Wide Cleaning Temperature Range of 160°C-300°C (320°F - 572°F). Clean the nozzle and extruder of 3D printer regularly, ensure feed smoothly and constantly without clogging.
  • 【High Compatibility】Perfect for multiple material including PLA, ABS, PETG etc. 100g(0.22 lbs) 3D printer cleaning filament is vacuumed sealed and comes with desiccant.PLEASE NOTICE THAT CLEANING FILAMENT CANNOT PRINT AS NORMAL FILAMENT.
  • 【When to Use】Before and after printing, change material with different melt point, colors and properties for better extruder protection and printing effect.With a certain level of adhesive ability, adhesive accumulated residual filaments and take them out to clean the interior extruder.

100g Spool 

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