CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner

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CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner

  • 0.1mm accuracy
  • Wireless scanning via WiFi 6
  • Anti-shake 3D imaging technique dramatically improves the scanning success rate
  • 24-bit full-color scanning captures the original colors and brings every intricate detail to life
  • Scan black/metal(non-reflective) objects without scanning spray.Support Mac, iOS, Win, and Android
  • Outdoor scanning allows scanning anywhere(<30k lux) High-quality & fast scanning
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Low power consumption
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Anti-shake Tracking

New one-shot 3D imaging technology makes scanning smooth even with shaky hands, dramatically increasing the scanning success rate.


Scan Black/Metal Objects Without Spraying

Without scanning spray, you can scan cars*, car parts, tires, and other black/metal objects to get the desired model effect.

24-bit Full-color Scanning

Built-in 2MP high-resolution color camera captures full-color 3D models, displaying the original colors and bringing every intricate detail to life. In addition, a unique face mapping algorithm restores detailed features of the face to get a vivid model.

High Quality & Fast Scanning

WiFi6 Wireless Bridge

It employs WiFi 6 for USB-level data speeds, ensuring fast, energy-efficient scanning without phone connections.

Easy to Get Started

With just one click, you can effortlessly model after scanning without complex scanning knowledge. Novices can quickly commence their journey and swiftly obtain the desired scanning model.

Compact and Portable

This lightweight device weighs only 105g, making it easy to carry anywhere. It allows you to scan anything you find interesting and adds a fun element to your journey. You can take home your favorite sculpture as a special keepsake.

Outdoor Scanning

CR-Scan Ferret Pro excels in all lighting conditions, including sunlight (<30000 lux), thanks to advanced optics and intelligent algorithms.

Detalis Make a Difference

Unleash the Power of 3D Printing with Ferret Pro

Effortlessly generate precise, print-ready 3D models of virtually any object without requiring time-consuming manual creation in complex 3D modeling software.

CR-Scan Ferret Pro 3D Scanner
Product Name: CR-Scan Ferret Pro
Working Distance: 150~700mm
Frame Rate/Scan Speed: up to 30 fps
Scan Size: 150~2000mm
Accuracy: 0.1mm
Battery Capacity: 5000mAh
Single Capture Range: 560*820mm
Minimum Scanning: 150*150mm
Machine Size: 120*30*26mm
Machine Weight: 105g
Wireless Connection: WiFi6
Operating Systems: iOS, Mac, Windows,Android

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