xTool S1 Riser Base

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xTool S1 Riser Base

Elevate Your Creativity to New Heights.


Largely Expanded Working Area


Meets the Needs of Different
Engraving Thicknesses


The Best Partner for Empowering Functions

Working with Automatic Conveyor Feeder, it can help expand the working area to 118''×18.5''

Easily Adjustable Base Plate Height

The base plate height is switchable at four gears
with easy pulling and pushing.

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Rising without Light Leakage

While raising the machine for higher object engraving and cutting, the riser base ensures the work is done in a completely enclosed space, preventing light and smoke leaking.

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*Not supported on the passthrough

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Product Name xTool S1 Riser Base
Package Size 32.7''*10.8''*7.6'' (831*276*195mm) 
Product Size 4.2''*22''*30'' (106*561mm*765mm) 
Product Weight 5.8kg
Weight with Package 7.6kg

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