xTool S1 Smart Air Assist

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xTool S1 Smart Air Assist

Auto Control or Precise Adjustment

When switched to Auto Mode, the airflow output can be adjusted automatically according to the
current working condition.

Plug and Play

No power charger needed.

1440-Plug and Play.jpg__PID:8e0bc9d5-19b9-4584-a1b8-c9acc478036d

Steady Output of 30L/min Airflow

With a steady output power of 30L/min, the air assist effectively removes smoke
and ensures laser energy stability.

1440-Steady Output of Airflow.jpg__PID:c9d519b9-e584-41b8-89ac-c478036d119c
1440-Guaranteed Clean Surface.jpg__PID:dcb0410e-4754-4eca-9480-616ee87b5348

Guaranteed Clean Surface

The powerful airflow quickly reduces the temperature of the material surface, preventing discolouration caused by high temperatures, and ensuring clean material surfaces.

Enhanced Cutting Capacity

The strong pressure helps blow more air downwards, resulting in better burning results and greater laser penetration.

1440-Enhanced Cutting Capacity.jpg__PID:249430f5-5f03-401b-b1ec-5e178d42a6b0

Protect Laser Lens

The powerful airflow blows away
impurities generated by the operation of the laser head and protects the lens of the laser head from contamination.

Excellent Power Stabilisation System

The air assist consistently provides stable airflow output regardless of long-time use.

Longer Service Life

The filter cotton filters out impurities in the air pump, preventing the
air pump from being blocked and thus extending its service life.

Part List

1440-Automatic Control Air Assist.jpg__PID:55cc2cf3-4760-4c5a-b4e6-9aca83841cc9
1440-Filter.jpg__PID:cc2cf347-608c-4ab4-a69a-ca83841cc9881440-USB cable.jpg__PID:f347608c-5ab4-469a-8a83-841cc988d701
1440-Tube 0.8m.jpg__PID:2cf34760-8c5a-44e6-9aca-83841cc988d71440-User manual.jpg__PID:ed4c8963-2a78-48c5-ad80-948d6ec5569c


Dimension Data
Package Size  255*208*158mm
Product Size 142*135*105.4mm
Product Weight 1.51kg
Weight with Package 2.04kg
Air Flow ≥30
Air Pressure ≥30
Power DC 24V

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