Why Buy Canadian?


    • No surprise Border fees: Everytime you buy from outside Canada or even just online when you aren't sure of the source you risk a paid on reception bill of $30 to $70 in customs brokerage fees from UPS or Fedex! These fees have no basis in reality (businesses pay less than this for a skid of products) but there is no way to avoid them. There is no predicting this - EXCEPT with us.

    • Knowing you'll actually get the products: How many times have you filled up a shopping cart online or even bid on a product only to find out at checkout they don't ship to Canada. What about the time that checkout went ok and only a week later you get an email that they don't. It happens (you'd swear we all live in Tuktoyaktuk)?! Our price is the price you pay, and you know the shipping to the penny when you check out with us. If it's in stock it will ship the same day... period.

    • Easy returns: Companies outside of Canada will charge you a lot of hidden fees for returns to cover shipping. We process returns faster and cheaper! (No restocking fees!)

    • No hidden 4% conversion fee: Did you know credit card companies hide a 2.5% conversion fee on your USD transactions. They will use the worst possible intraday exchange rate on the next several days to maximize their profit. This often means a hidden fee of up to 4% on your USD transactions billed on canadian dollar credit card.

    • Faster deliveries: Most of our orders ship from our warehouse in Edmonton. We ship most orders made before 4 pm on the same day! On our site you will have a choice of up to 12 different delivery options from FedEx and UPS. You can shop them and choose for yourself. 
    • BECAUSE WE ARE CANADIAN eh?! - Hey why not support a Canadian business when the price is right? We would do it for your business!