Bambu Lab - Hotend A1 Series

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Size - Material: 0.2 mm - Stainless Steel
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Bambu Lab - Hotend A1 Series

Quick Swap Nozzle Design

The special design of hotend heating assembly enables easy separation of the thermal and electronic components of the hotend. In addition, the magnetic block installed on the hotend heatsink enables quick and accurate fixation of the hotend to its precise mounting position. This feature enhances the convenience of quick swapping, allowing for easy removal and installation of the hotend.

Kit includes:

1. Stainless Steel Hotend 0.2 mm - A1 Series *1
2. Hardened Steel Hotend 0.4 mm - A1 Series *1
3. Hardened Steel Hotend 0.6 mm - A1 Series *1
4. Hotend Silicone Sock - A1 Series *3

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