ERYONE ER-20 3D PRINTER Mirror glass 258 mm x 230 mm

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ERYONE ER-20 3D PRINTER Mirror glass 258 mm x 230 mm

Upgrade your printer to one of the flattest surfaces you can find. Our mirrored surfaces are flatter than other common build plates such as glass and aluminium.

This will enhance your first layer adhesion to easily achieve that sought after perfect first layer. There is no need for painters tape, glue stick or hairspray (with a heated bed). 

Additionally, say good-bye to scraping your prints once they are complete. Prints done on the mirrored surface easily pop-off after a few minutes of cooling.

Simply place the mirrored surface on top of your existing build plate and clamp with binder clips. Remember to account for the new thickness by adjusting your z end stop, or adding an offset in your g-code! 

We also carry mirrors for the Ender 3,  CR-10/SMonoprice Mini V2Anycubic Mega ProCr-6 Max and Cr-10 Max.

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