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FLSUN T1 3D Printer

Meet the FLSUN T1, a revolutionary 3D printer designed to redefine your printing experience with cutting-edge features and superior performance.

Key Features:

  • Impressive Speed and Acceleration: Achieve remarkable printing speeds with a maximum of 1000mm/s and rapid acceleration up to 30000mm/s², allowing for efficient production of your designs.

  • Versatile Filament Compatibility: Explore a wide range of high-temperature materials with the FLSUN T1, enabling you to create robust prints suitable for various applications and industries.

  • Enclosed Printing Environment: Enhance print quality and consistency with the T1's closed enclosure made from durable acrylic material, providing stable temperature control and protection from external elements.

  • Advanced Auto-Leveling and Vibration Compensation: Enjoy hassle-free printing with fully automated bed leveling and vibration compensation, ensuring precise and reliable prints from the first layer to the last.

Ideal for professionals, enthusiasts, and educators alike, the FLSUN T1 combines speed, versatility, and advanced features to streamline your 3D printing projects. Whether you're prototyping, producing functional parts, or unleashing your creativity, the T1 delivers exceptional performance and reliability.