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Ready for some 3D scanning oohs and aahs?
Meet our 3rd generation of peel 3d scanners.

peel 3 can handle any application in: aftermarket & tuning, AR, VR & digital content, education, heritage preservation and art, product design, healthcare, and MRO and engineering.

peel 3

peel 3 3D scanner

peel 3 takes your 3D scanning experience to new heights. Everything about peel 3d scanners has been redesigned, rethought and revamped. For an affordable turnkey professional-grade 3D scanning solution, peel 3 packs a powerful performance punch.

  • High-fidelity objects
  • Digital archiving
  • Human anatomy
  • Orthotics and prosthetics
  • Converts handmade objects to digital

    peel 3 handle

    Ultra-ergonomic handle

    peel 3's unique multi-grip triangulated handle has been designed to be comfortable in most common 3D scanning positions.



    peel 3 LCD screen

    Slick LCD screen

    This multi-function and intuitive touchscreen gives you a brand-new way to interact with your peel 3d scanner. It can also be used as a distance meter to easily scan without looking at your computer.


    detail n 1

    Feel the difference with haptic communication

    A world premiere for handheld 3D scanners, peel 3 features several recognizable vibration patterns to guide you as you scan narrow and hard-to-reach places without a direct line-of-sight. That’s real-time feedback at its best!

    In the box

    peel 3 system in EPP foam insert including:
    ↳ peel.OS software
    ↳ 18v auto-switching power supply with local plug adaptor,
    ↳ Calibration plate
    ↳ 4m USB/power cable
    ↳ Qty 2 x 500 targets
    ↳ Access to knowledge base
    ↳ MNT-P3D-FIRP3 - CCP - peel 3 - 1st year warranty parts and labour, software updates and technical support

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