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22W Creality Falcon2 (pre-order)
Save $29 CAD
Creality Sonic Pad (pre-order)
Save $25 CAD
Creality UW-01 Washing and Curing Station (pre-order)
Creality 3D Pad 5 Inches HD Display Screen
Creality CR-6SE Mainboard Version
LGX Lite Arrow for Creality
Save $35 CAD
Creality Filament Dry Box
Creality Creality Filament Dry Box
$64.99 CAD $99.99 CAD
Creality Hyper - PLA (pre-order)
Save $10 CAD
Creality CR-6 SE Hotend Assembly
Creality Sprite Pro Nozzle 0.4mm
Creality  Filament Runout sensor
Save $6 CAD
Creality Modified (Advanced) PLA
Creality MK brass Nozzle (5 pack)
Creality 4010 Blower fan - 24V
Creality 4010 24V Axial Fan
Save $7 CAD
Creality Sprite Heater Cartridge
Save $2 CAD
Creality Sprite Thermistor
Creality Throat/Heatbreak

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