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PLA Rainbow FILAMENT is modified color version of PLA and prints as smoothly as normal PLA. It has green, red, yellow, orange, pink, blue as the main colors.  Color changes every 8-10 meters. Usually the first color is Random. PLA Rainbow Filament can make your print more attractive and unique. It has silk luster texture, and the printing surface is smooth without layer patterns.


Benefits of RepRap filament include:

(1). changing color

(2). Professional modification, high strength;

(3). Good toughness, small shrinkage, no drawing, no warping;

(4). Environmentally friendly biodegradable materials;

(5). Non-toxic, safe and stable in performance.

(6). Easy to print, excellent surface.


Typical applications include:

Art decoration, cartoon figures, Horticulture flower pots,etc.


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