Sprite Extruder Pro (300℃ High Temperature)


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Sprite Extruder Pro (300℃ High Temperature Printing All Metal Design)

Compared to the normal Sprite Extruder, the Sprite Pro Extruder is equipped with an all-metal hotend that allows you to print at higher temperatures (≤ 300 °C) and process multiple filament types.

 Small extruder, big performance

Despite its small size of only 54 x 50 x 64.3 mm and a weight of only 288 g, the Sprite Pro is a powerful combination of extruder and hotend that offers many practical functions.

High torque & extrusion force

The use of gears with a gear ratio of 3.5:1, which perfectly matches the motor, enables an extrusion force of up to 80N (depending on the filament) and more precise control of filament retraction.

Dual drive gear filament feed

The dual-drive gear extruder will not damage the filament but makes the feeding more reliable and stable.

Adjustable tension lever

With the tensioner, you can adjust the pressure exerted on the filament by the drive gears according to your wishes and requirements, thus printing more precise models.

All metal hotend for higher temperatures

The hotend with titanium heatbreak allows you to print materials up to 300 °C. The heat block, made of aluminium alloy, heats up quickly and melts the filament quickly.
The titanium heatbreak has low thermal conductivity and high thermal strength.

Compatible Models:

Ender-3 S1

CR-10 Smart Pro

Ender-3 S1 Pro

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