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Avoid the hassle, sharpen your filament!

Filamenter from 3DJ is a 3D printer filament sharpener designed to do exactly that, sharpen the end of your filament prior to feeding it into your 3D printer. Designed to accommodate 1.75mm filament specifically, the Filamenter sharpens your filament to a point which helps guide your filament from spool to nozzle virtually eliminating any potential snagging along the way. The time you'll save, aggravation you'll avoid and reduced wear and tear on your printer equipment makes a Filamenter a must have for any maker!

  • Made of 3D printed Black PETG & 3D printed Orange TPE.
  • Works on almost all 1.75mm filaments, even TPU!
  • The orange grip cover provides an easy to rotate, ergonomic design that also serves as a cover to catch shavings and protect the user from sharp edges or flying debris.
  • Comes with a replacement blade and screw hidden under the grip cover.

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