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Bambu ABS

Bambu ABS is a dependable 3D printing material renowned for its exceptional stability, durability, and high impact resistance. Additionally, this filament also boasts excellent heat resistance, making it ideal for projects involving moderate temperatures. With its versatile properties, Bambu ABS filament stands as an excellent choice for a wide range of 3D printing applications.

Strong & Durable

As one of the most widely used filaments, Bambu ABS comes with excellent mechanical properties that make it stronger than normal PLA and PETG. It is ideal for creating functional parts, prototypes, and standard engineering components, ensuring long life and reliability.


Impressive Heat Resistance

Bambu ABS filament offers exceptional heat resistance (Heat Deflection Temperature: 87 °C) coupled with commendable mechanical properties. This makes it an outstanding choice for everyday functional parts that require high-temperature resistance.

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