Creality K1C

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Creality K1C

The Creality K1C is the high-end fully enclosed 3D printer from Creality with features well beyond the previous generations, with a focus on speed printing. It uses a direct-drive extruder and a new high-flow hotend design to allows for faster prints. The K1C also uses a CoreXY motion system, which allows for more precise movement at higher speeds than the standard Cartesian system that is found on most other Creality 3D printers. These changes make the Creality K1C capable of extremely high print speeds--potentially up to 600 mm/s. The K1C also adds some new features not seen in its predecessor the K1, including an all-metal hot-end, quick swap nozzle system, an active carbon filter, and a camera with AI issue detection for spotting failed prints.

  • 220 x 220 x 250 mm Build Volume
  • Clog-free All-metal Extruder Kit
  •  600mm/s Max Printing Speed
  •  Supporting Carbon Fiber Filaments
  •  Observant Al Camera

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