LDO Orbiter Extruder V2.0 Dual Driver Gear

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LDO Orbiter Extruder V2.0 Dual Driver Gear Extrusion 3D Printer Parts For CR10/10S,Ender3/3 pro,Ender5


Product Short Description:

LDO Orbiter V2.0 is a high-precision direct drive extruder with the newly redesigned version, using an LDO motor.  


  1. Shorter drive gears (11mm): This feature reduces the size and weight of the product while maintaining functionality. It saves space and makes it more compact.

  2. Hardened filament drive gears: These gears ensure durability and longevity, making the product suitable for long-term use.

  3. Weight reduced to ~135 grams: A lightweight design is beneficial for portability and minimizing the strain on your 3D printer's components.

  4. Smaller, more compact dimensions (11.6% shorter): This feature complements the reduced weight and saves space, making it easier to integrate with various 3D printers.

  5. New motor design with ~40% increased pushing force and improved acceleration performance: This enhancement directly impacts the printing speed and quality, offering a competitive advantage.

  6. Filament path closer to the extruder center for balanced design: A more balanced design improves compatibility with different 3D printer models, enhancing versatility.

  7. Stainless steel filament exit guide with 0.2-0.3mm clearance to drive gears: This ensures a smooth filament path for better printing results and extreme wear resistance.

  8. High-temperature resistant injected housings (GPA12): Resistant materials are essential for reliability and safety, especially when dealing with high-temperature printing.

  9. Machined PEEK secondary drive gear sleeve: Precision machined components contribute to smoother filament feeding and improved reliability.

  10. Tension mechanism with grab screw design (Captive Grab Screw): This feature simplifies tension adjustment, making it more user-friendly.

  11. Mounting screws in line with filament exit path: Improved housing stiffness and easier mounting facilitate quick and hassle-free installation.

  12. Perfectly aligned filament path: Ensuring a straight and accurate filament path minimizes printing issues and enhances overall print quality.

  13. New smaller and better PTFE input coupler: The upgraded coupler improves the overall performance and reliability of the extruder.

  14. Motor position rotated by an additional 10 degrees for easier maintenance and assembly: Simplifying maintenance and assembly reduces downtime and enhances user-friendliness.

  15. Filament sensor add-on with auto-load and unload button: Adding a filament sensor and an auto-load/unload feature enhances the user experience and prevents printing interruptions.

  16. Numerous small changes to improve mechanical accuracy and design aesthetics: These minor improvements collectively contribute to the product's overall quality and visual appeal.

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