Modefine 3D M2 Bambu P1 series Hotend

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The perfect upgrade for every Bambu user!

The M1 series of hotend is designed by the same RnD team that developed the Bambu stock hotend. Knowing it best, the team at Modefine 3D has perfected the already top tier hotend that has set the standard for performance and reliability. 

Where the M2 stands apart is four key features. 

Feature 1: CHT Nozzle Design

The greatest difference is the increased max flow rate, which is only possible due to the CHT style nozzle that is installed on the M1. The new max flowrate is 35mm³/s compared to the standard 19mm³/s means you can print faster without the worry of under extrusion. 

Feature 2: Nozzle Replacement

The addition of the CHT nozzle does not stop at a great flow rate. Modefine 3D also made the nozzle swappable, removing the need to replace the entire assembly every time you want to change sizes. The Modefine 3D team has developed the CHT style nozzle to come in 0.2, 0.4, 0.6, and 0.8 mm sizes. This is also paired with a special nozzle structure in the throat tube that blocks leakage and gives peace of mind on the classic nozzle install process. 

Feature 3: Throat Upgrade

The Bambu Labs hotend has one major structural weakness, the throat. Often collisions with printed parts can bend or even break the throat, making the entire assembly useless. Modefine 3D has installed a titanium alloy screw stem to support the throat and ensure longer life out of your hotend. 

Feature 4: Heat Conduction and Dissipation

Modefine 3D has upgraded the throat and heater block from the standard titanium and brass materials with more effective alloys. For the throat and block. they are both made out of Chromium Zirconium Copper for increased heat conduction and also dispersion. This is at the core of the high flow rate that you can expect from the M1 hotend. 

Upgrade your Bambu P1 today and start pushing the limits of your printer while still experiencing the ease of a regular hotend replacement. 

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