Original Prusa i3 MK3/S/+ to MK4 upgrade kit

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Time to upgrade to the newest tech!

This is the full upgrade that also contains the MK4’s new X/Y precise motors (400 steps, 0.9°per step). This product is supplied as a kit - you must assemble it yourself!

Printed parts are NOT included! Please print them before you disassemble your MK3S/+! The filament is included in the upgrade package.

Here is a closer explanation of the difference between the MK3.9 and MK4 upgrade packages: the only difference is in the stepper motors. The MK4 uses higher-precision stepper motors that help eliminate VFA (Vertical Fine Artifacts) – these are tiny surface artifacts that are visible if you closely inspect a printed object. In other words, the motors in the full MK4 upgrade are the cherry on top – if you’re chasing the highest possible level of quality, they will come in handy. But the MK3.9 upgrade is very close to that.