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PolyLite™ CosPLA is a special PLA formula designed for cosplay props application. It has been enhanced for ease of sanding, durability and paint-ability.

Both version of the formula feature more durability and ease of sanding compare to regular PLA, additionally:
- Version A displays an even easier sand-ability and paint-ability.
- Version B displays an even higher durability.

Printing Temperature: 190˚C - 220˚C
Bed Temperature: 30˚C - 60˚C
Printing Speed: 30mm/s - 70mm/s
Fan: ON

Direct Drive:
Retraction Distance: 1mm
Retraction Speed: 30mm/s
Indirect Drive:
Retraction Distance: 3mm
Retraction Speed: 60mm/s

Drying Settings: 55˚C for 6h
(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

During our market research we found 4 needs for cosplay applications:
(sorted by priority)
- Sand-ability
- Durability
- Paint-ability
- Heat resistance

Although PolyLite™ CosPLA solves the 3 most important needs, it keeps the same temperature resistance as regular PLA (~60˚C).
We have different formula which do increase the heat resistance but significantly compromise on the ease of printing. (which is often the case for 3D printing material: ease of printing and heat resistance are the 2 main properties which we all want in the same material but is the most challenging to develop).
As a result, as we already formulated a very high quality ABS with great printability and dimensional stability, we would like to suggest our PolyLite™ ABS for cosplay application requiring high heat resistance. (it also displays durability and sand-ability).
As an alternative we can also recommend PolyLite™ ASA which displays the same feature as PolyLite™ ABS with an additional resistance to weather.