PolyLite Dual Silk PLA 1 kg

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Color: Aubergine
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This dual-color PLA silk filament contains 2 beautiful colors (Yellow-Blue) for its left and right half, and the colors are chosen carefully by us to make it looks amazing when put together. The print looks very shiny and the colors transit smoothly. Perfect for printing some metal feel prints, anime figures, decoration pieces, gift prints, and festival ornaments

PolyLite Dual Color Silk Yellow-Blue 1.75 PLA filament is carefully winded to avoid any tangling issues, dried, and vacuum sealed in a resealable ziplock bag with desiccant. Please pass the filament through the fixed hole to avoid tangles after use

No warping, no jamming, no blobs or layer delamination issues. PolyLite Two Color Silk Yellow-Blue PLA filament 1.75mm is a worry-free 3D printing filament that has great bed adhesion, very consistent color, and dimensional accuracy.

This Dual Color Yellow-Blue PLA silk filament comes in upgraded 3.0 version packaging with a fully recycled cardboard spool and box

Nozzle: 210~240˚C; Bed: 50˚C; Speed: 60mm/s. 

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