RepRapper Tech Matte Multi-Color Coextruded PLA

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Color: Purple/Yellow
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  • Dichromatic Coextruded Rainbow Matte PLA - 3D print high-resolution matt bicolor parts: no jamming, less stringing, no warping, no odor, premium quality, and broad compatibility.
  • Multi Color PLA Filament - Produced with dual extrusion, unlike rainbow filament, has two color along the whole spool.
  • 100% Tangle-Free and Problem-Free - State-of-the-art filament, produced with laser diameter control and automatic winding system guarantees success even in the longest prints.
  • Made in USA Raw Material - Only pure Natureworks Ingeo PLA is used to produce this filament for a smooth 3D printing experience. Coiled in a redesigned recycled straw-based spool.
  • Professionally Packaged - The spools are dried and then vacuum packed in a resealable bag to preserve the filament between uses. All the products are hand-checked and come with a guarantee. If something goes wrong, just contact us.

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