RepRap Photopolymer Resin 181


Color: Skin
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  • Multipurpose photopolymer resin – Balanced for fast curing time, decent impact resistance, and great hardness.
  • Astonishing details and colors – High resolution and low shrinkage allow to print highly accurate parts that maintain dimensions and colors after curing.
  • High success rate in all LCD printers – Designed with usability in mind to achieve successful prints in a wide range of 405nm SLA printers. Low residue or debris is left after printing.
  • Shock-proof and leak-proof bottle – We use a metallic bottle with a double security seal to prevent accidents during shipping, storing, and manipulation.
  • Meets all the safety requirements – UV resin needs to be manipulated carefully before being curated. Instructions for use and manipulation on the label and MSDS.

Suitable for beginners and advanced users

Our resin has been formulated to produce sucessful prints in a wide range of LCD printers and with different printing settings. Resin printing beginners will love how easy is to achieve successful prints with good results while advanced users will enjoy the versatility and reliability.

3d resin grey

All-purpose fast UV resin

Most of the printing jobs can be successfully printed using an exposure of 8 seconds. Rapid resins are normally brittle after being cured, however, Reprapper201 is designed to be less brittle than others and be a go-to resin for a wide range of projects.


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