Resin funnel and filters


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  • PACKAGE INCLUDES : 100 resin filter strainer and one foldable funnel to hold them
  • SIZE : The top is 6.8 inches in diameter and 3.2 inches in height, disposable 100 micron fine nylon mesh help you filter the paint well, the strainer is collapsible, made of silicone and convenient storage.
  • Premium quality ultra-flow fine nylon mesh paint strainers with fine 100 micron filter. Keeps resin clean and prevents clogging for use in a sprayer by removing unwanted dust, particles, paint clumps, solids.
  • EASY TO CLEAN : The filters and funnel are of quality and work perfectly for straining resin back into the bottle, filter funnel is easy to clean with just a little soap, and dry quickly.

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