Thermal Paste


$5.99 CAD
  • Super carbon nano-grade super thermal conductive silicone grease, thermal conductivity 5.15 W/m-k; Strong insulation performance, withstand voltage above 10,000 volts;
  • Low thermal resistance, keep the properties stable for a long time; Wide operating temperature range, stable performancefrom -30℃ - 280℃ environment; High heat dissipation performance, cost-effective
  • HY880 super carbon nano-grade super thermal conductive silicone grease, which uses super carbon nanotube technology and high-quality thermal conductive paste combined with organic silicon, its strength is 16 times that of stainless steel, and its thermal conductivity is 5 times that of copper.
  • The products have passed SGS environmental protection certification and comply with EU RoHS testing standards

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