RepRap Water Washable Resin 183

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Color: Skin
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  • Water washable - The models can be washed with water, instead of using alcohol or other chemicals, making the printing process safer, cheaper, and more convenient.
  • Astonishing details and colors - High resolution and low shrinkage allow to print highly accurate parts that maintain dimensions and colors after curing.
  • High success rate in all LCD printers - Designed with usability in mind to achieve successful prints in a wide range of 405nm SLA printers. Low residue or debris is left after printing.
  • Shock-proof and leak-proof bottle - We use a metallic bottle with a double security seal to prevent accidents during shipping, storing, and manipulation.
  • Meets all the safety requirements - UV resin needs to be manipulated carefully before being curated. Never dispose down the drain. Instructions on the label and MSDS.


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