xTool S1 Automatic Conveyor Feeder All-in-one-kit

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xTool S1 Automatic Conveyor Feeder

  • basic +add on kit (6 pairs of rails) supports 90 inches
  • Take note: Must be used with Riser Base
1440-xTool Automatic Conveyor Feeder for xTool S1.jpg__PID:ee7bb310-e852-47e7-8dd6-b40a17f13b72

Extra Large Processing Area

The working area of 118''×18.5'', along with the S1 Conveyor Feeder, totally makes
batch engraving and cutting much easier.

1440-Extra Large Processing Area.jpg__PID:701e5f99-50ee-4bb3-90e8-52b7e7cdd6b4

*Maximum length requires additional purchase of 8 pairs of rails.

Automatic Conveying, Available in
Cutting and Engraving

Automatic engraving path planning and material conveying; Farewell to manual
material feeding and accuracy deviation.

1440-Easy Disassembly and Storage, Free Up Your Space.jpg__PID:72701e5f-9950-4e7b-b310-e852b7e7cdd6

Easy Disassembly and Storage, Free Up Your Space

Metal Short Rail Design

Ensure safety while improving processing results.

1440-Safety Materials_.jpg__PID:9950ee7b-b310-4852-b7e7-cdd6b40a17f1
1440-Cleaner Effects.jpg__PID:90257270-1e5f-4950-ae7b-b310e852b7e7

Safety Materials: resistant to temperatures up to 600°C.

Cleaner Effects: breathable design of the processing area greatly reduces the burn marks.

Unleash Your Creativity Everywhere

1440-Unleash Your Creativity Everywhere.jpg__PID:50ee7bb3-10e8-42b7-a7cd-d6b40a17f13b

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